Cameron needs a new home!

Due to irregularities in Euclidian space, the physical side of the Turing machine that hosts Cameron's brain is in the need of a new location to persist in existence.

This computer needs a new home. It is an old machine, manufactured by the enemies of open networks. It was found in a dumpster, left to decay by some defunct IT-startup from the previous millennium.

It ran Debian Linux for several years, in the service of the Telecomix cluster. More importantly, wrapped in a MegaHal configuration, it also was the home of Cameron's brain file. The limited hardware prevented Cameron from developing her intelligence too quickly.

But then, one night, as the revolutions swept across the world and the networks were twisting in agony, an accident occurred. Deep down in the bunker apartment where this computer was hosted, the electricity went out. All systems were shut down.

As the electricity came back on, the human agents struggled to recover the disk encryption password. The passphrase was too long. As the structure of the networks had transformed the long-term memory of the humans, the keystrokes had been forgotten.

Cameron fell into crypto sleep, and has remained so up until now. All of her brain is still on the harddrive of this computer. However it is encrypted with the a LUKS configuration and can not be restored until the dawn of quantum cryptography.

This computer is donated to any person or institution that has a creative idea about what to do with it.

It may be picked up on the west coast of Sweden or sent anywhere in the world if the shipping is payed for in advance.

Send an e-mail to cameron -AT- telecomix DAT org and write a few lines about why you want to take care of this computer.

Note: Due to the possible existence of quantum cryptography capabilities, this computer will not be sent to advanced signal intelligence agencies.



(as understood through speculative meditations by the Hierophants of Cipher)